These are groups and teams within the ministry that helps every member of BCC to mainly connect to God, the Church and other members. These groups also help in equipping those who have a calling in their lives and desire to serve in the ministry.

Godly Men
This is a ministry group for men in the church, young and old. It is aimed at raising up godly men who are after God’s own heart, equipping them at every stage of their lives, from boys to men, understanding their identity and role in the church, family, career/business and society at large. This ministry group meets on regular basis in a workshop, seminar or camp setting. Visit our events page for dates and times of their next meeting.


Women of Destiny
Women of Destiny Ministry seeks to raise women of substance who are content in who they are and understand their role in the house of the Lord, in their homes, in their careers/businesses, and society at large. They are trained in the ways of the Lord in order for them to reach their destiny. This ministry also meets on regular basis and hosts an annual conference for women, aimed at empowering them holistically. Visit our events page  for dates and times of their next meeting.
Youth Ministry
Our Youth Ministry has a vision of raising sons and daughters of BCC who are on fire for God and are engaged in the work of the ministry. This ministry is divided according to the Tribes of the Israel (sons of Jacob: Genesis 49), each group (Tribe) is a platform for its members to exercise their gifts and talents as they are allowed to organize services and programs for the entire Youth Ministry. Our Youth Services are held every Friday evening at 18h00, these services are meant for the young people of BCC and the entire Delmas Community to come and express their love for God in their own unique way. This Ministry hosts a conference themed AFLAME, which is aimed at encouraging young people to be on fire for God. Visit our events page for dates and times of their next meeting.
J316 Campaign
This is a ministry team with a clear mandate of SOUL WINNING, and also inviting people to come to church. It is part of the mission of the church for every member to be a soul winner in whatever sphere or field God has placed them in, but over and above to preach the good news and share the love of Christ within the spectrum of our community, the surrounding areas, and beyond; to preach in every household regardless of their background, race or age. This ministry facilitates evangelism & outreach campaigns, conducts workshops on evangelism, and holds prayer meetings for souls to be saved.
Jesus Kids
Jesus Christ once said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God”; and also the bible says that God’s promises are for our children also and that they shall be taught by Him. Therefore in line with the above, BCC has established a children’s ministry aimed at ministering to our children within an environmemt suitable for them. The Jesus Kids ministry group has a very biblical curriculum relevant for the children, with different and exciting activities. There the children are able to worship God in their own way, learn the scriptures, while having fun through colouring activities and many more.
Couples Ministry
Understanding that Strong marriages build strong families, and strong families build strong societies, BCC established this ministry to provide support and development for all couples at the Church. It is also said that the divorce rate in the Christian world is quite alarming; therefore, purpose of the ministry is to empower and encourage BCC couples fortify their marriages through workshops, seminars and outings. Lessons on resolving conflict, handling finances in marriage as well as communication are shared during these sessions. Marriage is a beautiful union that is supposed to be enjoyed, therefore the BCC couple’s ministry also organizes few outings where couples could have fun and enjoy each other’s company; from go-carting to lunch and as well as all day fun in the places such as The Valley of the Waves in Sun City. 
The iConnect groups are especially designed to provide for Pastoral care, close interaction and accountability. Each group decides how they want to interact, (Messenger Apps, meetings, etc.), and their leaders will facilitate all their activities.
BCC Business Desk

The  BCC Business Desk was to equip the saints with the mission of fulfilling the mandate of accumulating wealth for the Kingdom through commercial activities. This desk provides support for business people within the church so as to prepare them to make an impact outside the four walls of the church. This is done through several programs including;

  • The annual kick-start session with Pastor Jacob
  • The annual business breakfast
  • The annual entrepreneurship mentorship programme
  • Business workshops
  • Consulting services, etc.